• Banyan


    An ill-tempered, smart-mouthed Elven Rogue
  • Brynne


    A striking, vague and/or preoccupied Human Cleric
  • Danton the Great

    Danton the Great

    A gifted Human Bard and giant of a man, apparently gone to fat
  • Duncan


    A human wizard and master of Frost Magic
  • Benrath


    A mean-spirited, skeletal and bald 'mystic' who resides in Mersey and trades on the stupidity of the locals
  • Danriel


    An aged farmer whose missing son sets the party on their first quest together
  • Emerald 'Em' Stoneblood

    Emerald 'Em' Stoneblood

    The quite-lovely half-human, half-dwarf barmaid at the Welcome Inn in Mersey
  • Fergus


    A hard living Dwarven fighter and Sea Wall survivor
  • Fitz Glitterstave

    Fitz Glitterstave

    An allegedly gifted Gnomish wizard of the allegedly esteemed Glitterstaves of Dragon Wood... you've probably heard of them
  • Helm Stoneblood

    Helm Stoneblood

    The grizzled Dwarven proprietor of the Welcome Inn in Mersey
  • Maggie Stoneblood

    Maggie Stoneblood

    The morbidly 'healthy' human cook at the Welcome Inn in Mersey
  • Medregoth, Prince of Lies

    Medregoth, Prince of Lies

    A Lich Prince and senior lieutenant of the Lich King
  • Saerin


    A beautiful, wraith-like sorceress who made her home on the outskirts of Cairnwood... until the good folk of Mersey torched her home and wrongfully tried to burn her at the stake
  • Samuel


    The young man whose disappearance sets the party on their first quest together
  • Spit


    A kobald whose lolling tongue, ululating cry and infuriating knack for escaping the party has made him a sworn enemy in Banyan
  • The Stranger

    The Stranger

    A mysterious human... well, stranger... who claims to be an agent of the Prince of Shadows
  • Tip Wondersong

    Tip Wondersong

    A supremely untalented gnomish bard from the Bitterwood