Fitz Glitterstave

An allegedly gifted Gnomish wizard of the allegedly esteemed Glitterstaves of Dragon Wood... you've probably heard of them


Glitterstave was rescued by the party from a Goblin raiding party whilst on their quest to find the White Dragon of Cairnwood. A grateful Glitterstave informed the party he was the youngest son of the great wizarding dynasty of Glitterstave and asked them to return his spellbook, lost in the scuffle when he was captured, if they came upon it – it was a family heirloom after all, passed down for generations by great Glitterstave wizards.

The party caught up with Glitterstave again in Mersey after defeating the White Dragon and, remarkably, returned his spellbook without fuss or demand for recompense.

Much to the ire of Saerin, a local sorceress and agent of the Diabolist, who in exchange for the dragon’s whereabouts had asked them to provide her the gnome’s spellbook if they had opportunity to retrieve it.

Our heroes met Glitterstave again on the road to Shadow Port, where he had been a member of a caravan set upon by the Lich Prince Medregoth, who sought the mysterious gem carried by the Stranger, a travelling companion of the Gnome. Restored to health by Brynne, Glitterstave led the heroes to a dungeon into which Medregoth had descended and, later, rescued them when they found themselves trapped on a cliff, facing down the Prince of Lies.

Fitz Glitterstave

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