A kobald whose lolling tongue, ululating cry and infuriating knack for escaping the party has made him a sworn enemy in Banyan


The party first encountered Spit when they were ambushed by his party of kobald scouts at the bridge approaching the ruined fort. Despite the ignomious death that befell his compatriots, Spit managed to escape to warn his mistress, the White Dragon of Cairnwood.

His aggravating mannerisms so infuriated Banyan that Banyan sabotaged the party’s plans for an unobserved reconnaisance of the ruined fort within which the White Dragon had made her home by launching an arrow at Spit when an opportunity arose. The mistake almost cost Banyan his life when the arrow was intercepted by the White Dragon, who soared out of the forst, warned of their approach, and then very nearly killed the Elven Rogue before his friends could leap to his aid.

Once again however, Spit escaped certain doom by slipping into the forest during the battle with the White Dragon, his long tongue waggling in salivery mockery of Banyan the entire time….


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