A beautiful, wraith-like sorceress who made her home on the outskirts of Cairnwood... until the good folk of Mersey torched her home and wrongfully tried to burn her at the stake


The party first heard of Saerin, a sorceress living on the outskirts of the Cairnwood, whilst investigating the recent disappearances in Mersey.

The party sought Saerin’s assistance to locate the White Dragon allegedly making its home in the Cairnwood and were met with withering apathy bordering on hostility. With much cajoling, she provided the party with a suspected location for the dragon in exchange for the party’s agreement to provide her with the spellbook of a gnomish wizard who passed by recently, should the opportunity arise to acquire it. In return, the party warned Saerin that the townsfolk suspected her involvement in the disappearances and the local mystic had gone as far as to suggest they may come for her. She seemed non-plussed by the prospect…

…until, upon the party’s return to Mersey after defeating the White Dragon, they found Saerin about to warm the masses as the starring attraction in a town bonfire organised by the terrified good folk of Mersey. They had also torched her home for good measure… you know, to warn off any other potential dragon-allied sorceresses who might seek to relocate to the otherwise broadly welcoming town of Mersey.

Danton, as he is want to do, broke into song and regaled the masses with a self-agrandised tale of the party’s defeat of the White Dragon – and, by extension, Saerin’s innocence. Saerin was quickly cut down by Brynne and, perhaps unsurprisingly, chose to move on despite being inundated with sheepish apologies and baked goods.

Before her hasty departure however, Saerin was disappointed to learn that the party had not retrieved the spellbook as agreed, particularly given Danton and Banyan’s most obvious surprise at Brynne’s decision not to part with the book. As a gesture of gratitude for saving her life, Saerin let the matter slide.

For now.


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