The Stranger

A mysterious human... well, stranger... who claims to be an agent of the Prince of Shadows


The Stranger (who we eventually learned had been named Nick by his parents) approached Banyan and Danton separately at the Welcome Inn in Mersey immediately after Danriel told them the tale of his son’s disappearance and his belief that a dragon was responsible. The Stranger confirmed a white dragon was in fact preying on the town and tasked the bard and rogue to retrieve a red gem from the dragon’s neck. This gem was, he claimed, of great value to the Prince of Shadows.

For reasons yet unknown, of Danton he also sought one of the beast’s claws. Danton agreed, on the proviso The Stranger arrange a meeting with the Prince.

When the party returned victorious, The Stranger sought them out and retrieved the gem. Danton, mincing words, told The Stranger he would receive the claw once the meeting with the Prince was arranged. The Stranger departed, advising the party to make their way to Shadow Port, there to be met by the Prince of Shadows.

The Stranger never made it. He was set upon by the Lich King’s lieutenant Medregoth on the road to Shadow Port and slaughtered for the gem.

The Stranger

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