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  • The Prince of Lies Arrives

    After a long week of revelling in [[Mersey | Mersey]] following their defeat of the white dragon and rescue of the farmer’s son, our heroes set sail for Shadow Port and a promised meeting with the Prince of Shadows aboard the river barge ‘Serenity’. Over …

  • Fitz Glitterstave

    Glitterstave was rescued by the party from a Goblin raiding party whilst on their quest to find the White Dragon of Cairnwood. A grateful Glitterstave informed the party he was the youngest son of the great wizarding dynasty of Glitterstave and asked …

  • The Stranger

    The Stranger (who we eventually learned had been named Nick by his parents) approached Banyan and Danton separately at the Welcome Inn in Mersey immediately after Danriel told them the tale of his son's disappearance and his belief that a dragon was …

  • Duncan

    A human wizard of noble bearing, Duncan's past remains a mystery to this travelling companions, who know only that he owes his life to the mysterious machinations of the Three.

  • Fergus

    Fergus boasted he was not only a Sea Wall survivor, but was the only being ever to survive ingestion by a kraken. Sadly, we will never know the truth of this claim, as Fergus breathed his last in the hunt for the mysterious red jewel, dying at the hands …

  • Medregoth, Prince of Lies

    Little is known of the Lich Prince's past, other than that his rebirth took place on Necropolis beneath the gaze of a hidden and marooned Banyan.

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